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Ethics Of Public Health, And Healthcare - 1857 Words

With a growing epidemic of obesity in America, some states and lawmakers have resorted to taking unconventional measures in order to counter the growing issue. Many legislators are debating the effectiveness of a â€Å"fat tax† would be on limiting the consumption of soda, high fat foods, and high sugar foods, and ultimately reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality due to obesity. The idea is that long term consumption of high fat, high sugar foods and drinks lead to many health problems, so making them more expensive and less accessible should decrease the health issues related to their consumption. The main ethical concerns that have been raised with the idea of implementing a fat tax are: autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and†¦show more content†¦By carefully analyzing and breaking down the soda tax with considerations to all of Kass’s criteria, it can be determined that the soda tax passes all of the ethical considerations that are relevant to public health, and is thus ethically sound. The first question in Kass’s formulaic approach to the ethics of public health is â€Å"What are the public health goals of this program?† (Kass, 1777) By nature, the public health goal of any program is to essentially promote the overall health of a population through an organized and communal effort. In the case of the soda tax, the ultimate public health goal is simply to reduce the amount of morbidity mortality and improve the well being of society. This begins by tackling the obesity problem, which is directly linked to morbidity mortality. Accord ing to Brownell, â€Å"for each extra can or glass of sugared beverage consumed per day, the likelihood of a child’s becoming obese increases by 60%† (Brownell et al., 1599). It can be inferred that drinking soda is linked to obesity rates, but why should obesity rates matter? According to Sturm, â€Å"a higher BMI†¦is associated with increased mortality and increased risk for coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and certain types of cancer. Even modest weight reductions can have substantial lifetime health benefits† (Sturm, 245). Obviously if someone is morbidly obese, he or she is at extreme risk for a myriad ofShow MoreRelated Codes of Ethics in Health Care Essay995 Words   |  4 Pagesprovide a procedure if a code violation occurs. Medical ethics began as a professional code for physicians and has now expanded and includes a variety of health care professions and health care organizations. The growth of medica l knowledge and technology have grown so have the concerns that ethical standards and issues facing our society today may be compromised or not appropriately addressed (Littleton et al., 2010). Identify Codes of Ethics Applicable in My Professional Practice I am a memberRead MoreThe Ethics Of Public Health863 Words   |  4 PagesWhen it comes to the ethic of public health and medical health, they hold two totally different definitions. The ethics of public health is when the focus is more on the freedoms of privacy and actions, as long as they do not harm others.â€Å"In public health ethics, autonomy, the right of privacy, and freedom of action are recognized in so far as they do not result in harm to others† (Williams Torrens, 2008). When considering medical ethics the focus on the concerns of individuals and their libertiesRead MoreFinancial Ethics in Healthcare1011 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Financial ethics in healthcare† With no ethics come dishonesty, disloyalty, fraudulence, and a host of other bad qualities. These qualities are total opposite of what one would need to possess if they were handling any form of business in the healthcare field, particularly in the finance department. When working with funds it is important to keep morals and ethics extremely high because when no one is looking is really when you’re beingRead MorePublic Policy, Social Welfare Programs, Stakeholder Groups, And Joel Blau s Five Elements Model1347 Words   |  6 PagesPublic policy refers to â€Å"a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities promulgated by governmental entity or its representatives†(Blau Abramovitz, 2014). One public policy that is gaining attention from United States Senators is the Expand Excellence in Mental Health Act. We can gain a better understanding of this act by taking a look at a recent public policy related to mental healthcare, the v alues in the Code of Ethics, social welfare programs, stakeholderRead MoreNhs For National Health Services Essay1407 Words   |  6 PagesNHS stands for National Health Service.NHS was launched by health secretary Aneurin Bevan(1897-1960) at Park hospital in Manchester on July 5 1948.It was created out of the longheld debate that good healthcare should be available to all,regardless of their wealth.Before the establishment of NHS,the provision of healthcare was very limited.The poor people did not have access to healthcare services as they couldn t afford it and mostly people depended on religious practices to cure their diseasesRead MoreThe Ethics Of Health Ethics1542 Words   |  7 PagesPublic-health frequently come across severe ethical problems, such as controlling rare assets, prompting individuals to adjustment to their conduct, and controlling independence to reduce disease spread. Unlike health ethics there is no established framework for exploring these problems. The fra mework separates three ethical views often raised in public health dialogue: locations created on results, positions dedicated to the moralities and prospects, and visions that stress appeal and quality. DiscoveringRead MoreMy Professional Code Of Ethics1208 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do† said Poher Stewart (Lindstrom, 2012). Public health professionals follow a code of ethics in order to better serve their community by respecting the rights and choice of the individual they are helping. In this paper, I will list my professional code of ethics as a healthcare professional and provide examples of how I apply it to better serve my community and the athletes individually. Introduction PublicRead MoreProfessionalism Within The Health Care Field1375 Words   |  6 PagesThe lack of professionalism in the workplace is a problem in the health care field. This can be improved by incorporating workshops on professionalism within orientations and enforcing a code of ethics along with the proper protocol of working in healthcare. Although there is no exact definition for professionalism many would define this as a set of values or qualities that include behaviors and relationships that helps the person to trust their advisor. (Brown, 2013) Over the course of many doctors/Read MoreThe Ethics And Values Of Healthcare912 Words   |  4 PagesEthics according to the Webster dictionary, â€Å"rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad; ethics; an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior; a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong; a belief that something is very important.† (Merriam-Webster, 2015) My own definition of ethic is practicing kindness, respect, and fairness. Taking credit for the work you have done regardless good or bad. I believe children shouldRead MoreChildhood Immunizations And Universal Vaccination1371 Words   |  6 Pages3302: Professionalism and Ethics in Nursing Spring 2015 November 10, 2015 Childhood Immunizations and Universal Vaccination in the U.S. For years, universal childhood vaccinations have been a deliberated and debated topic among much of the population. Those who are in support of vaccination, including healthcare providers, believe that vaccinations are not only in the best interest of each child’s health, but also in the best interest of the public’s health as a whole. Many vaccine supporters

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