Monday, February 10, 2020

Health Care Administration Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health Care Administration - Research Paper Example It is important to identify the individual strengths within a healthcare team that can contribute to the success of the group and also to define specific areas of expertise required from different healthcare provider roles that are critical to teamwork. Healthcare management education programs stress the important skills and competencies necessary in healthcare management. These skills are essential for accreditation and also provide an organizational superiority that affects the reputation and effectiveness of a healthcare institution. Health service managers define different sets of competencies for management teams. Among the important teams involved in healthcare organizations are human resource management, operations management and organizational learning. Each of these organizational units plays an important role in defining the work structure, the coordination and the effectiveness of healthcare delivery services. In regard to management teams, the areas of expertise that rank the highest generally are the commitment to teamwork collaboration, a strong motivation to achieve positive patient outcome, and a strong commitment to the healthcare organization. Important environmental components that support effective healthcare management teamwork include an environment that is perceived as comfortable and safe, one that encourages high level involvement at all levels of management and a system that supports high standards for performance among team members. Management employees who are committed to the success of the team and to enabling the success of others within the team represent effective organizational approaches. Best practice human resource management promotes the strengths of the individual as part of an effective team. . This is an important goal for healthcare management education. It is also important for the

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